Min Bootstrap plugin

The Min Bootstrap plugin enables Min to support all of Bootstrap's features. Most Bootstrap sites can be made using only Min and no plugins, but for sites already using Bootstrap migrating to the Bootstrap plugin allows you to easily drop in Min.

Unfortunately, Min's Bootstrap plugin suffers from all of Bootstrap's problems: it only supports IE8+, is relatively large (3.5kb minified+gzipped), requires overly verbose code, and is fairly prescriptive in design terms.

The Bootstrap plugin has very similar syntax to Bootstrap itself. This page only notes the cases when Bootstrap syntax is different from the Min Bootstrap plugin's syntax. If a feature is not documented on this page or the Min general documentation, its syntax is identical to the Bootstrap syntax, and you should use the Bootstrap documentation. Please note that Min core has many Bootstrap features, and most things in Min core have different syntax from Bootstrap.

Min is a CSS-only library, and does not support Bootstrap's Javascript features. However, there are great replacements available. We recommend Vex for dialogs, Hint for tooltips, and Slick for carousels. Make sure to include the Bootstrap plugin after Min itself or you will encounter strange bugs.

  <label for="emailInput">Email</label>
  <input id="emailInput" type="text" class="c10 smooth has-error" placeholder="Email" style="">
  <i class="ico ico-input">☒</i>

  <label for="passInput">Password</label>
  <input id="passInput" type="text" class="c10 smooth has-success" placeholder="Password" style="">
  <i class="ico ico-input">☑</i>

  <div class="c2"></div>

  <div class="c10">
    <button type="submit" class="btn btn-sm btn-a">Sign in</button>